Monday, July 2, 2012

Jealous Much?

Yeah, I am.  Jealous, that is.

This is an after-pic from the 2012 NTRPGCon Charity Game in which The Boy got to participate.  I'm not sure of the exact source of this picture - I just stumbled across it on my hard drive.  I probably rudely harvested it from someone else.  Shame on me.

Anyway, from Right to Left: Jim Ward, THE BOY, Steve Winter, Nogrod the High Bidder, Jennell Jaquays, Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask, Sandy Petersen, and Mr. Uhhh I. Dunno Sorry.

- Ark


  1. Sandals?

    Texans wear *sandals* whilst slaying goblins, exploring the unknown, and amassing wealth and fame throughout space & time?

    Mind. Blown!!!

    1. @bio - Hey, if sandals were good enough for the Romans, they are good enough for us.


      - Ark

    2. Fair point.

      Stereotype. Blown!!!