Monday, September 3, 2012

All Battlemechs to Warp Factor 8!

Here I am directing our Battletech forces to victory.  Okay, so no one on my team actually followed my glorious plan, so we all lost miserably.  See?  People should listen to me.

And yes, I always wear my Starfleet uniform while commanding a Battlemech lance.  What?  Don't you? LONG LIVE FASA!

- Ark


  1. Dang. Wish I still lived in TX. No one in my neck of the woods wants to play Battletech. I've been thinking of picking up GURPS Mecha 3e and trying to sneak that in on my players.

    1. @None-toes - Yanno, as Trojan horses go, GURPS Mecha is a pretty good one. Good luck. :)

      - Ark