Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stars Without Number Web Ring

Remember web rings?  There would be some cgi (common gateway interface) code that you'd put at the bottom of your web page (that probably had a tilde ~ in the name) and it would link together a lot of similarly topic-ed pages.  And you'd go to them and clicked NEXT NEXT NEXT and you'd get a bunch of dead or not updated pages wanting to be about the topic in question but never quite were?

This isn't that.

What I've decided to do is to make a page on the blog here with links to people who are interested in Stars Without Number and blog about it on occasion.  No other requirements, other than that.

Are you interested in being included?

So, what I need you to do is to comment down below with the name of the blog, the link to it, your name (alias, whatever) and maybe a little blurb about it in relation to SWN.  Then I'll put it on the page - which will be accessible via a tab thing up at the top - I think that is how those page things work anyway.

Here is an example: - Gamers' Junk - Billy Bob Phaser - I liek da SWN and make da blgo abou tit.

Okay, maybe try to spell words correctly, but it doesn't need to be Shakespeare. :)

So start typing.

- Ark

PS - If you find this post years after it's publication date and still want to be listed, just reply here - most likely I'll still be around and I'll add you - just reply below.


  1. From the Ashes - - James MacGeorge. I've been known to play the game now and again ;)

  2. Green Skeleton Gaming Guild - - Brutorz Bill. Several SWN related posts, including some comic book alien conversions!

  3. Save Vs. Poison
    I blog about SWN all the time. My blog has included actual play reports, house rules, alien races and other goodies.

  4. Pilgrims guide to Zeitgeist

    i recently started the blog to cover our SWN/OD game

  5. I've been covering SWN for quite while now & only within the last couple of months has it really seemed to be evolving into its own! Thanks to James for reminding me about this fantastic blog!