Friday, November 30, 2012

Redshirts: Brain Surgery

Why is there a picture of Ricky Martin over there to the left?  We will get to that - I promise.  I wouldn't leave you hanging where Ricky Martin is concerned.

So I'm finally catching up in the Redshirts Recaps.  This one is from Wednesday night's game.  This was one of those games where the players surprised me on several levels.  I mean, not like recent outrageous traitorous behavior, but innovative thinking.

The players were trapped on the bombed out, eternal war planet of Levant, their ship destroyed by airborne nanobot clouds.  They had one mission - find a working spacecraft and get the heck off the planet.  AIs deep within the planet were running the war, keeping each of their pet factions fed and armed with gigantic underground factories.

So, I gave the players the location of the nanobot shooting missiles that prevented safe atmospheric flight.  I gave them the location of a storage hangar full of spacecraft.  I gave them directions.  I gave them mech suits and trained them in their use.

And what do you think the players did?


They started asking how the food and supplies arrived from the underground factories.  They started asking where the AIs were.  They began to fiddle with the pneumatic tubes that delivered the food and ammo.  They put one in maintenance mode and began to decent into the depths of the planet, looking for the nearest AI.  They sought out an old Terran Mandate emergency soldier freeze bank, took the official brain chips out of the mummified remains, found a old nursery and the brain chip resequencer inside, CUT INTO THEIR OWN HEADS AND IMPLANTED RESEQUENCED WIFI IDENTITY CHIPS INTO THEIR OWN BRAINS and proceeded to go talk to nearest AI, pretending to be people that would have authority over the AI.


Oh, and the AI in question, named Vicente, presented a holographic image that looked just like Ricky Martin.  See - I didn't leave you hanging about the whole Ricky Martin question, now did I? :)

So were is the breakdown from our own Sweet Adelaide:
  • One night Titus disappears in front of everyone’s eyes. In the morning everyone is brought to the bar where they see their old friend Professor Ramapudi and a new person named Gustav Adler.
  • Gustav has a message for Lt. Mark Five which he tells him soon after meeting him which is “You broke the ship, find a new one, blah blah blah!”
  • Lt. Mark Five shrugs it off with a “sounds about right” and Gustav seems to be accepted unquestioningly. 
  • Professor Ramapudi talks to a random man around about computer things and is told there is none. He searches for “wifi” and finds some from down below, he then tries to connect.
  • Owlicious attempts to open one of the tubes that regularly gives food and supplies and a man warns her against it just in time.
  • “John Smith” casually starts talking to the man trying to figure out a way to get down into the factories below.
  • Professor Ramapudi hacks into a tube and turns it into maintenance mode and Owlicious opens it so they can then see into it.
  • Everyone turns on either their mag boots in their suits or gravs down the tube.
  • As they head down “John Smith” receives a transmission from the man in charge and asks them what they are doing. “Smith” talks him into believing they are doing the job they were ordered to but in another way. Before the transmission ends “Smith” is warned about drones that will come and attack them if they aren’t careful.
  • As the crew rounds a bend Kal Kek see’s that there is a big room up ahead that has a 500ft drop to the floor below and he pauses to consider the options.
  • Everyone decides it would be best to ignore this room and continue on.
  • Once they do everyone notices a drone approach them and ask who they are, they lie about being maintenance crew and it believes them and flies away. 
  • Another AI looking like Teddy flies by looking slightly angry and Owlicious is excited but contains herself.
  • Kal Kek at the front then see’s something floating towards them. Owlicious scans it and see’s that it is an AI riding a Kawasaki grav vehicle towards them.
  • Feeling threatened the wild Kal Kek preps his guns for firing.
  • Owlicious awakens Teddy and questions him about the AI and is informed that it is a more intelligent AI then himself. They hold fire until it approaches.
  • “Smith” starts speaking to it wondering why it’s there if its not a maintenance drone. He tells them he was there hiding from the warchow.
  • They take the AI as a new part of the group and he shares an ass full of information about what goes on around the planet.
  • He leads them to a giant room that looks much like a data room, except there are thousands of bodies instead of data. The AI opens the computer and the team asks him to search for the highest rank. There only happen to be 10 “master chiefs” which the group then tells him to take out so they can loot.
  • “Doc” Davies takes their brain chips out and then attempts to implant it into Kal Keks brain, which at first doesn’t go so well, but she later is able to successfully to do it.
  • She then attempts to do the same thing to Desmond Conners but accidently cuts a part of his brain before fixing it and once again succeeding.
  • She then artfully implants them into the rest of the crew without any problems; she’s an expert neurosurgeon! LEVEL UP!
  • Gustav does her surgery but cuts a part of her brain before getting the chip correctly in. She wasn’t pleased.
  • The new AI goes on a trip with Professor Ramapudi to get a chip remodifier and when they receive it they return to try and remodify everyone’s newly implanted chip, it works for everyone but “Doc” Davies and “Smith” but they remove and replace new ones that are already modified with no problem.
  • The next day they go in search of an elevator that the AI conveniently left out knowing about until now and when they find it they see that it is large enough to fit a large ship. The group decides to use it and head to the warchive.
  • The group reaches a giant data room and in walks a Titan robot who then askes who is in charge, “Smith” lies and makes it believe he is in charge but it does stand down. A holographic image of a man claiming to be AI ---(?) starts talking to them. 
  • The new AI attempts to hack the Titan and fails causing it to aim its guns at him and warn him to stop. He does it again anyway and this time succeeds.
  • The core starts closing itself and Kal Kek opens fire blasting through the window. Gustav moves to stop the closing door and in the process gets his mech stuck there.
  • “Smith” starts bartering with the AI and manages to talk it into letting them go. The elevators behind them open and a ship is waiting there. 
  • Everyone gets into the ship and start feeling like they are moving upward. The AI’s face appears at the pilots seat and calls them all irritating humans. Everyone feels complimented.
  • The Ai then fires a missile at the ship as it leaves but the new team member AI fires an EMT cannon at it and the nanobot swarm dies before it can even start. Lt. Five floors it out of there before something more bad happens.
  • The Aquila come to pick them up and credits roll.
So, the intrepid crew escaped the planet armed to the teeth, and with a brand new shuttle.  Well, a 600 year old shuttle.  But it's new to them.

- Ark

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