Thursday, November 29, 2012

Redshirts: Nanobots Ate My Spaceship

At the start of each session of Stars Without Numbers, when the freeze dried scouts are unfrozen for duty, I have the players roll a Physical Effect Save to avoid throwing up.  Actually, I don't have to mention it.  They just roll their puke save for fun.  It's an odd ritual, but something they enjoy.

The Thanksgiving week adventure brought the players to the planet Levant, a nanobot infested warzone that looked like Beirut in the '80s.  Unsurprisingly, the group's flying saucer was eaten by a cloud of air defense nanobots while they were still flying it.  I mean, who didn't see that coming?  The players landed the ship in a bombed out soccer stadium just as the nanobots digested the maneuver thrusters, and they bailed out alive just in time to meet the Levant Liberation Front.

The LLF were a group of humans that were fighting a group of Warchou on the planet, and had been fighting for 600 years.  Deep beneath the crust, AIs with factories constantly spat out food, clothing, weapons, and ammo for all sides, keeping the war going on and on and on - forever.

It was an excellent excuse to kit the party up with an endless supply of mech suits, if I do say so myself.  Here is the blow-by-blow from Adelaide:

  • The team wakes back up, O’Brien has been court marshaled for revealing top secret information to the Warchow and shipped out to space in his undies.
  • “Doc” Davies holds Owlicious’ hair as she vomits her intestines out. Again.
  • HerMANdez debriefs the group again and orders them to go to a planet called Levant. Teddy pilots the ship while Lt. Five and Kal Kek defreeze in the back. He then hands over the ship once Lt. Five is fully awakened.
  • Owlicious scans the planet as they approach and see it is vastly polluted and there is movement (vehicles, energy charges, etc.) that make it look like a warzone.
  • They break the cloud bank and two communications open up with their ship. One in German and the other something that seems similar to the Warchow. 
  • A missile gets fired at the group as they are being warned off by the human communications. Lt. Five artfully moves the ship out of the way but when the missile blows up it explodes into a black cloud of nanobots which quickly reaches the ship on its own.  
  • While the nanobots start demolishing the ship Lt. Five lands it into a soccer field on the planet and everyone quickly jumps out. Kal Kek and Owlicious don’t make it out quickly enough and their suits are destroyed leaving them in just street clothes.
  • A giant mech-suited person comes out and start speaking in German to the group, which Owlicious translates to the rest, and after a while 6 other mechs come out and lead the group back to their command post to wait.
  • The command post inside actually looks like a deserted bar and the team nervously looks around while waiting to see what happens. Titus jumps up into the rafters and stealthily hides with his bow and arrows out.
  • Another man comes into the bar, this time speaking English, and tries to get information from the group but “John Smith” confidently lies to him about most of it.
  • The group is then asked to sign up with these peoples military in return for supplies and care or nothing if they refuse. Everyone signs on and many use aliases. 
  • After a day of training the group had already received from Aquila they are given mech suits and set out on a patrol mission.
  • On the patrol they encounter 4 Warchow children in mech suits and the team annihilates them gleefully but not before Desmond gets hit with a chainsaw after he was wrestling with one.
  • Kaye wants to us his gravharness to fly naked at one of the mechs to attack them with his bow and arrows so he is now going to be assigned the name Cupid. Imagine a giant African man with a jetpack wearing nothing and shooting arrows at giant mechs. Laughs were had by all.

So, we left off with the party marooned on Levant.  Will they ever make it out alive?  Tune in next time, for the further adventures of Redshirts!

- Ark

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