Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spindrift Subsector

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(These are places that the players in the upcoming Traveller game would have some knowledge about.  Hint hint. -Ark)

Systems of Interest
Bellange C764887-5
Bellange is an idyllic garden world brimming with life.  A quarter of a billion people are scattered over the planet, in a somewhat primitive state, relying on ethanol for power and transportation, with agricultural being the main industry.  A small, unobtrusive civil service manages the planet.  The lush, quiet lifestyle has attracted the wealthy, and many of the smaller noble fiefs are located here.  A gambling and pleasure town has built up around the fiefs, called Rouge Et Noir.

Champaigne A85A989-B
Champaigne is the Imperial capital of the Spindrift subsector.  A billion people live on the oceanic world, which is run by a ganglia of AI that automate the economy and assign human governors to manage daily affairs.  Champaigne is named after the glowing, spherical habitats that proliferate around Capital Dome, giving the appearance of bubbles.  The planet boasts both an extensive highport complex with shipbuilding facilities and an Imperial naval facility, as well as a lowport that dominates the largest collection of landmasses, approximately the size of New Zealand.

Dustbowl E360635-8
Dustbowl is a very small desert world.  The breathable atmosphere is generated by huge, pyramid shaped machines left by the Ancients and scattered all over the planet.  Originally settled by archaeologist, nothing more of interest was found on Dustbowl.  The three million inhabitants are spread out over the many oases near the equator, each ruled by a warlord or strongman who is a member of Dustbowl's Ruling Council.

Kilimanjaro C124101-A
Kilimanjaro is a tiny, thin-aired rock blessed with a large amount of water ice.  While the Imperium maintains a small starport and a scout base here, there are few, if any inhabitants on the rock.  Some trade goes though the system, but rumors abound of missing ships and cargoes.  The Traveller's Aid Society deems that the scout base here is enough deterrent to potential lawlessness, but others disagree.

Sainte-Marie E665241-6 
Sainte-Marie, while small, is still a garden planet with abundant native flora and fauna.  An old style representative democracy thrives here - its citizens seeing no need for a more stable, centrally managed system.  Sainte-Marie has been the home of more recently awarded fiefs in the Spindrift subsector, and many of the nouvelle aristocratie call it home.

Trade Routes
La Route Petite Ambre
A cluster of 23 systems with Jump-1 accessibility, stretching through three subsectors.  Low population, as well as a lack of systems that can manufacture starships, relegates the trade route to minor status. Where it passes through the Spindrift subsector, the Lesser Amber Road is economically dominated by trading houses out of the distant Honingraat system, who often wield power comparable to the Imperium in this backwater. In Spindrift, the Road is comprised of Byōdō-in, C-S875, Klimt, Kongens Have, Lucrezia, Marrakech, Medici, Tortuga, and Serengeti.
The Etruscan Way
This stretch of 27 Jump-1 accessible systems is the economic backbone of three subsectors.  Four major powers sit along the route - two of which lie in the Spindrift subsector.  Trade companies out of Champaigne clearly dominate the area, while traders from Honingraat are more apt to link the Etruscan Way with the Lesser Amber Road trading route.  most of the systems in the Spindrift Sector are within the Etruscan Way.

Etruscan Trailing
The trailing end of the Etruscan Way, located trailing and rimward from Champaigne, is a backwater region.  Trade exists, and a naval base keeps the peace, but low populations and lack of huge economies prevent the larger trading houses from doing much business here.  Etruscan Trailing is ripe for entrepreneurs and new trading ventures to make an easy credit.  Pirates do, however, ply the jump-ways, so honest businessmen need to be careful.

- Ark


  1. As someone who is currently running a MongTrav game, this is so useful that I'm a-gonna steal it.

    1. Steal away! Don't forget - the rest of the subsector UPPs are down a couple of blog entries, just in case you need them.

      - Ark

  2. Interesting. Somewhat different from how I list my Traveller planets but not overly so.

    My players, most of them unfamiliar with Traveller, has not idea what a UWP means or what many of the map symbols and codes stand for. As a result, I note them on the planet descriptions in my campaign binder. This helps me describe the world from orbit in a technical way and once on the surface, in a more personal way.