Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edge of The Empire

 I had some store credit at the FLGS at the same time that the Star Wars Edge of Empire Beginner Game Box Set was staring at me.  Yeah.

So there it is over there, photographed poorly by me.  Lots of stuff in it.  Rule book, adventure book, maps, cardboard pogs of Stormtroopers and Hutts.  Lots and lots and lots of help for people who have never heard of an RPG before.  I'm not sure who those people are - but apparently they are the market for this product.  Hmm.  Star Wars fans who have never heard of an RPG before.  Wait.  Do those type of people actually exist over the age of five?  Perhaps there is a marketing issue here.


The package is really nice and slick - reminds me of the Dr. Who boxed set that I got for Christmas.  Though not as nice.  No sturdy, holocaust proof box here.  Just some flimsy stuff that ripped on opening.  But the contents - those are the nice things.  Well, to look at.  I haven't read anything yet.  Well, except to note that there are no character creation rules here.  But we have multi-page folios of a Wookie glaldiator (barbarian), some human dude who can probably fly a pirate ship (rogue), a crazy robot doctor (cleric) and the Twi'lek who is not a stripper - but a bounty hunter who looks like she might could take the head off of the Wookie.  I'm not sure how to classify here - other than (amazon.)

Oh, and it contained those dice.  You know - those dice that you've heard about.  The dice that made even hard-core DCC fans do a double-take.  Here is their portrait:

Who needs pesky numbers when we have simple, intuitive hieroglyphs to make game play faster!  Yay!

Dear lord - what the fuck does any of this gobblegook on the dice mean?

I'm really hoping for a fun game here.  Star Wars SAGA got my hopes up - to be quickly dashed by the rampant holes that allowed psycho munchkins to create first level Jedi that can throw death stars at people. Edge of Empire is CLASSIC Star Wars.  Supposedly.  You know, Episodes IV to VI.  The good stuff.  No droidekas.  No padawans.  No midichlorians.   Just garbage shoots and seedy bars and unwashed desert nomads.

I'm don't think I would have ever bought this with, you know, real money, but since it is in my impulsive little hands, I'll get someone to play it with me and let you if Fantasy Flight has any clue as to what they are doing. :)

- Ark

PS - The Traveller campaign is doing just fine, btw.  I've just been having a really hard time putting it into words.  My vocabulator must be malfunctioning.


  1. I'm waiting this particular version of Star Wars out a bit until the full game is available. Only having four pre-gen characters won't be a selling point with my group.

    And the dice...Sigh.

    1. WQRobb - Definitely not enough for a real campaign here, but it could drive a couple of nights of gaming.

      I got to the dice mechanics session - and grokked the dice in about 30 seconds. It's pretty easy - and actually - I think it would speed up game play. I need to play test - but I might actually like it.

      The thing is, we are not the audience here. This upcoming generation - the one that can't add three plus three together without the NavComp in their car telling them how - that's the audience, I think. :)

      - Ark