Friday, March 29, 2013

Rather Petty

Working on images for Petty Gods.  Here is a sketch of an heretofore undisclosed angry sword wielding lady deity.

- Ark

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hiatus Update

Live Gesture Sketch
It's hard to believe that my role playing game hiatus has been going on for over a month now.  It seems like it's been a million years, and it seems like it's been a few seconds.  Odd, that.

I miss role playing.  I get used to running games, and my brain goes into universe and personality creation overdrive.  I can't completely avoid it.  My mind keeps on chugging along, creating even if I'm not planning anything that needs to be created.  Drawing has helped a lot with that.  It's a great place to direct the desire, no, the hunger, to make stuff.

Concept Attempt
Being sideways involved in the rebirth of Petty Gods has helped too.  Gorgonmilk has just been a powerhouse with the whole thing, turning Petty Gods into something far beyond its humble beginnings.  I submitted a petty god, drew her, and am drawing additional gods.  I'll also be doing some of the proof work.  I'm excited.  I want Petty Gods as a big-ass coffee table book sitting on my coffee table.

So no, I can't get away from rpgs - that's not in my DNA, I guess.  But the hiatus from running and playing the games has helped me clear my head about a few things, and given me time to be creative in other ways.

The Boy is chaffing under the lack of gaming, so he'll probably start playing something soon - but I'll sit this one out and cheer him on from the sidelines.

- Ark

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Polly, Patron Saint of Elven Barmaids

Polly is the patron saint of elven barmaids and tavern workers.  While the petty goddess has no formal churches, her presence can be seen in mysterious glowing tip jars in pubs all across the land.  Adherents of Saint Polly offer fifteen percent of their tips into the jars, which disappear in a a flash of light.

Unlike some gods, Polly offers excellent service for her tithes.  When a bar gets too crowded and busy for her worshipers to handle, Polly has been known to appear lugging beer and pretzels to the customers.  Many a hung-over patron swears they here brought beer by a goddess the night before, but few realize the accuracy of their statement.

It is not wise to cross Polly, however.  Patrons who stiff her worshipers  or are stingy with a tip, will find themselves rolled in the nearest alley on their way home and completely free of coins, jewels, and jewelry.

(Okay, so I finished the illustration and a brief write up - I just need some stats I guess and I can submit it to Gorgonmilk.  Yay!)

- Ark

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Polly - A Possible Petty God

I had an idea for a Petty God so I drew her.  This is a rough pencil - she needs some more work but we are in the right neighborhood.

Polly is the Patron Saint of Elven Barmaids.  There.  That is the ENTIRETY of my idea.


So I'm going to need someone to stat up Polly.  Because I am lazy.  And I know there are those of you out there who can stat up a godling easier than breathing.  So if you want to stat up a Petty God of Alcohol Distributors, go right ahead and post one below or sent one to my gmail address at StudioArkhein.  And I'll select a winner.  Or have a vote for a winner.  Or something   I am a bit sketching on this part of the process - but again, I am lazy.


- Ark

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goodyear Girls

A piece of the MIR space station (or something like that) gouged a hole in my tire on the way home from Walmart yesterday.  While waiting for a replacement, I bummed some paper from the mechanics and started to draw from the ad-laden local fluff magazines scattered throughout the waiting room.

I'm rather surprised that my half-ass sketch attempt turned out so well.  I was definitely inspired by all of the art links ya'll posted yesterday, though.

They say to bring your sketch book with you everywhere - but borrowed paper seems to work fine. :)

- Ark

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RPG Art Suvey

One of my goals with all of this drawing stuff is to be able to produce black and white illustrations that would feel at home inside of RPG supplement or rule book.  I have no deep interest in becoming a professional, but I'd like to be capable of producing good art at that level.

So . . . I need your help.

Looking around, I've come to realize that I'm probably missing out on a lot of art and artists.  Erol Otus, Diesel LaForce, and Jeff Dee stand out as people who influenced me at a young age - and I've had the great fortune of meeting them over the last few years.  But I'm sure there are tons - past and present - that I just don't know about.  There are modules that I never owned, game systems I've never cracked open, etc.

If you've got the time, throw out some of your favorite artists name's below - here or G+.  Or link to their art.  Or links to YOUR art if you are proud of it.  Or write a blog post about it and link to it.  Or whatever.  Just point me to some cool stuff. :)

Remember, what I'm looking for is good black and white art that would fit into any sort of RPG product.  And yeah, I have Googled, and that only comes up with the most popular five billion images.  But I'm sure there are more.  And I'm sure you know about them. :)


- Ark

Early Morning Blue

Worked on a sketch of Adelaide from our gaming group this morning during gesture warm-ups.  Been trying to concentrate on faces and capturing likenesses recently.  And hair.  My big weakness seems to be hair.  I need a hair drawing festival!

- Ark

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Sonja Lunged . . .

I'm pretty happy with this one.  This one took me about three days of work on and off.  I'd prefer to be a lot faster, but I get lost in the details.  Besides - playing with Kirby krackle is far too much fun.


- Ark

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Prismacolor Premier black colored pencil, from reference.

- Ark