Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hiatus Update

Live Gesture Sketch
It's hard to believe that my role playing game hiatus has been going on for over a month now.  It seems like it's been a million years, and it seems like it's been a few seconds.  Odd, that.

I miss role playing.  I get used to running games, and my brain goes into universe and personality creation overdrive.  I can't completely avoid it.  My mind keeps on chugging along, creating even if I'm not planning anything that needs to be created.  Drawing has helped a lot with that.  It's a great place to direct the desire, no, the hunger, to make stuff.

Concept Attempt
Being sideways involved in the rebirth of Petty Gods has helped too.  Gorgonmilk has just been a powerhouse with the whole thing, turning Petty Gods into something far beyond its humble beginnings.  I submitted a petty god, drew her, and am drawing additional gods.  I'll also be doing some of the proof work.  I'm excited.  I want Petty Gods as a big-ass coffee table book sitting on my coffee table.

So no, I can't get away from rpgs - that's not in my DNA, I guess.  But the hiatus from running and playing the games has helped me clear my head about a few things, and given me time to be creative in other ways.

The Boy is chaffing under the lack of gaming, so he'll probably start playing something soon - but I'll sit this one out and cheer him on from the sidelines.

- Ark

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  1. You just gotta roll with what keeps your creativity going. Sometimes, it is easy to get burned-out a little with everything. It's good to step back and expand your horizons, as it were. When I get sick of the same old - same old, I usually write programs for python - things totally unrelated to what I normally do.