Monday, April 1, 2013

Amber Blood Sword

This has been one of the more challenging drawings I've worked on.  Bringing it from 'okay sketch' to 'good ink' had me banging my head against the wall and abandoning the piece three times.  But I've stuck with it and almost - ALMOST - finished.  I keep on looking at it and feel that it needs something.  Composition-wise.  I think that is the right word.  Composition.

Anyway, Amber Blood Sword is one of Konsumterra's Petty Gods, and the write-up can be found at  She's a crazy-ass killing machine.  A mostly naked crazy-ass nigh-immortal killing machine.  You know - like my first girl friend.

Anyway, my fingers and eyeballs are all sore from Miss Amber over here - so I am going to go rest. :)

- Ark