Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goddess Interrupted

Okay - not interrupted - just in progress.  For those of you who are interested in the process, here is Pherosathoola midway through here first inking, with the original pencils faded.

Yes, I said first inkng.  After I scan the final pencils in and pull up the piece in Photoshop, I start inking.  In the first inking pass I am not so interested in varying the line weight - think and thin - I am just working on accurate line placement.  Line thickness at this stage is incidental - except in the face, where I do fiddle around.  I'll do maybe five more inking passes, making certain lines thicker in places.  This is to provide perspective through line weight, help sort out certain object (that tangle of snaked on her head mainly,) to help enhance important bits (face and boobs and the curve of her rear end,) and finally, but most importantly, to provide a flow of action for the eye to follow.

And you thought they were just lines!  Ha!

- Ark

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