Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pelchako, the Trickster God

(apparently, I have Make-A-God-Itis, and I blame Petty Gods.)

Pelchako is the god of tricks and revenge.  He fits neatly into most pantheons - over on the edge where people don't notice him much.  He is ever watchful, and loves to even the score, bringing retribution to gods both low and high.  Despite his good work ethic - Pelchako is never invited to parties.

There are no temples to Pelchako, no cathedrals, not even a nunnery.  The common man does not worship him - but he does have priests and priestesses.  Pelchako-ites look, for all intents and purposes, like crazy bums that wear lots of beads and bones, pierce themselves is strange places, and cover themselves in swirling tattoos.

People in need of revenge or retribution donate items of value to the Pelchako-ites.  These holy men and women then go off and shame, harass, rob, or beat up the wrong-doers. Sometimes they perform these holy rites in private, but most of the time, they choose good public places packed with spectators.

Killing in retribution is very uncommon - but it has been known to happen.

These revenge activities rarely result in any legal entanglements for the priests of Pelchako, as they are performing their holy duty.  However, if a Pelchako-ite must go into lands where their god is unknown, or places that are dominated by stuffy worshipers of grumpy gods of law, they can get into trouble.  Some towns will immediately kick out a Pelchako-ite on sight.  Other, more even grumpy peoples, have been known to nail Pelchako-ites to pieces of wood on the side of the road.

In extremely rare cases, bands of Pelchako-ites have been gathered up by governments and paid to seek retribution against other governments.  A platoon of Pelchako priests coming at you during your morning constitutional is the last thing you want to see.

Woe be it to anyone who falsely hires a priest for retribution, though.  Pelchako knows all.  Well, maybe not all.  But he knows the juicy bits.

- Ark

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