Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Are They?

I doodled these guys tonight while having a beer.  I don't know them.  If you are so inclined, let me know who they are, and feel free to stat them up in the system of your choice. :)

(I have no idea what Malta 5000 means, either.)

- Ark


  1. The guy in the middle is Max. His parents just got divorced, Middle School sucks, and he's started sweating in weird places and at weird times. He's decided to fix the world so these things don;t happen to other people.

    On the right is Hopper, the first robot Max ever built, when he was 8. Having industrial springs for arms and legs, Hopper can 'hop' really far. However his AI is very rudimentary and he has trouble identifying things by name. So he tries to describe them with his limited vocabulary. He also has the attention span of a labrador retriever.

    The taller robot is Cassandra. With the extra set of knees she is very limber and can fold herself into surprisingly small spaces. Having used firmware from his XPlayCubeStation 1080 video game system, Max has unwittingly turned Cassandra into a combat machine possessing the tactical acumen of all the Final Bosses on the Outrageous difficulty setting. Cassandra has yet to show this side to Max, but when she perceives a "threat" to Max, she will act to eliminate the threat. This of course is not something Max needs to know, he's got a lot on his mind.

    This is Team Malta 5000!!

    1. Completely awesome! I was wondering about the knees! :)

      - Ark