Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Fantasy Flight Games acquired the rights to produce Star Wars card, roleplaying, and miniatures games in 2011. At the time, the future of Star Wars seemed pretty . . . lame. But since then, Disney bought the Star Wars universe from George Lucas. The Mouse Ears are prepping to make new Star Wars movies, the animated series Star Wars: Rebels is now in production, and rumors are flying fast about bringing Star Wars: Battlefront III from its twice dug grave.

Fantasy Flight appears to be positioned to head up Star Wars roleplaying through this new golden age. Well - details of the game rights are sketchy, but Fantasy Flight seems to have plans with it until at least 2015 - by the time Star Wars Seven enters theaters.

The first part of the new Star Wars roleplaying game, Edge of the Empire, is set to be released in July. It could have easily been called Scum and Villainy, since it deals with those parts of the Star Wars universe. The second part, due in 2014, is the Age of Rebellion and deals with - well - The Rebellion, of course. In 2015, Force & Destiny will be released, focusing on the Jedi and Sith specifically.

These are three separate games that focus on three different types of roleplaying campaigns. I assume that they are compatible with one another, so a smuggler and a Jedi could, eventually, put the smack down on a Hutt lord. But right now, with not even the first game out, it's hard to say.

However, I've been digging through the Edge of the Empire Beta from last year, and am becoming familiar with the Edge of the Empire Beginner's Game, a watered down version of the eventual Core EotE book, and think I have a pretty good handle on how the game works, and what we can expect.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is, in many ways, quite different than any other roll playing game I've played. I'll be following this post up with a more detailed analysis. So stay tuned!

- Ark

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