Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bravest Warriors

I just watched the first season of Bravest Warriors, and I'm blown away.  It's by the same people that brought us Finn and Jake, except it's on Youtube rather than Cartoon Network.

Where Adventure Time is a cartoon zeitgeist of Gamma World and Dungeons & Dragons, Bravest Warriors is a channeling of Traveller and Star Trek and Star Wars and Douglas Adams and Futurama and Cthulhu and four-member comic book hero teams and . . . oh, just watch the frikkin thing.

Now, I should warn you - if you want to sit down and watch this with your 6 year old . . . yeah . . . no.  Adventure Time had a lot of adult themes that would go over the heads of younger kids.  Bravest Warriors just slams everything in your face in a glorious, wonderful, what the fuck kind of cartoon are these people making??? kind of way.

Each episode is about five minutes, so that whole 'attention span' thing is not necessary.

- Ark

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