Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Okay, life lesson time.  If you enjoy drawing - don't fuck up your hand by drawing.  Pace yourself and hold your god-damn pencil right.

So, my hand has been slowly recovering - and I've been doing exercises and working back some strength to it.  I get these odd aches in places that were not originally hurt.  I figure it's shifting muscles and stuff around.  Knitting.  Whatnot.

I've also been trying to do things with an economy of movement.  Where I might have once used like a billion scratches to evolve a line - I'm now saying FUCK IT and going with whatever falls on the paper - for the most part.  This method is  spitting out sketches that look a bit different that previous drawing.  I see more unintentional exaggeration - some of the stuff that I've been trying to do on purpose that I was failing at.  If I'm not trying to do it - it seems to just plop out there.  Odd - but I shoulda figured.

So here is a pilot lady.  Okay, I think she was cosplaying a pilot.  Dunno.  I was scared to draw the hat as it seemed like a lumpy mess.  It still is.  But that's how it looked in the reference, so I guess that is okay. :)  Enjoy.

- Ark


  1. I'm glad you're still drawing: I've really injured myself drawing in the past, so I have to also change how I draw. One thing that helps greatly is to stop as soon as it hurts. Also, use an ice bag on your arm when you're done drawing if it's bothering you. Major league pitchers use one after throwing baseballs: it works. Personally I prefer a bag of frozen lima beans to some expensive thing you can buy in a pharmacy for icing. And look how it changes your drawing style to not polish it too much. I actually prefer my drawings now in a way to the polished ones of yesteryear. -Reifyn

    1. That sound like some good advice, Reifyn. I've used ice, but not right after drawing. I'll definitely give it a try.

      - Ark

  2. Nice! I hope your hand heals up quickly/properly.