Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Haunting of Pamphelgoat Manor

Yesterday we started on the second chapter of the Directorate of Esoteric Affairs campaign.  The Limehouse Chinatown chapter was all urban, foggy, and wet.  The Haunting of Pamphelgoat Manor, as a contrast, takes place on the Scottish moors in the middle of a December snowstorm.

First off - I have no idea what a Pamphelgoat is.  While perusing Scotland in Google Earth, I stumbled across Pamphelgoat Wood and fell in love with the name.  Research into the word came up with nothing, but my first instinct was something to do with evil, Satanic rituals.  Of course.  So I went with it and the adventure just kind of wrote itself.

(Now watch as some blog poster lets me know that Pamphelgoat is some Gaelic name for the Christ-child's talking animal friend at the Nativity, completely messing up the adventure.)

Anyway, the players, and their characters, are nervously researching Baphomet now.   They don't seem thrilled with the idea of meeting old Baphy. :)

On a mechanics note, I am still quite happy with the performance of GURPS Fourth Edition.  Yeah, staring the big book in the eye can be intimidating, but once you nail down a genre, a tech level, and some campaign boundaries, it's easy.  The players are only four session into GURPS, and they are working away on their characters like old pros.  Heck, the biggest problem for the players seems to be figuring out how to do research in 1935 without the Internet. :)

I'm using the Bear Wood Mansion in Berkshire as a model for Pamphelgoat Manor.  The thing is huge.  Take a gander at the floor plans down there.  It's a college nowadays.

- Ark

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