Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Dyvers, Batman

The one that got away?
I think most of the RPG Blogoverse - at least the OSRish types - have heard about this, but just in case . . .

Charles Akins over at the Dyvers blog has been assembling a big-ass gaming blog list called the The Great Blog Roll Call.  It's great for people, like me, who are miserable failures at keeping up with their own blog rolls.  He's got nifty little blurbs about each blog and links. Okay, these blurbs are actually good sized and indicate he's actually read the blogs in question.

FYI, 'Dyvers' appears to refer to some city near Nyr Dyv (if you remember that little pond,) and not any particular DIO albums.  But who knows.  It could refer to both!

So yeah, anyway, go over there and browse.  There some good stuff you probably have not heard of - or forgot about long ago and shouldn't have.

- Ark


  1. It didn't until this post. Now it refers to both!

  2. Dió - not maybe interesting but that means walnut in Hungarian (which I am), and Ron Dio's Hungarian grandma used to call him, my little walnut. And that's where the name came from. So when I see this poster, I think of walnuts.

    And with that, I wish you a great 2014 in your wonderful new home.