Thursday, December 5, 2013

Succubus Climax

THE Mata Hari.
The GURPS horror game is going along well.  Last night, we finished the second chapter - The Haunting of Pamphelgoat Manor - and arrived at an unexpected ending.

Expected endings are so passé, don't you think?

Our intrepid group of monster hunters found themselves in an abandoned orphanage/tuberculosis sanatorium in the highlands of Scotland, trying to find the evil cultists who were performing a ritual to crack the boundary between the world of the living and the dead and raise and army of spectral minions to disrupt Lord Fortescue-Smyth's daughter's debutante ball and masquerade party.  Long story, I know.

So, the evil cultists were on the roof performing the ceremony in their nefarious black robes, all chanting around their magic circle.  The players were having a heck of a time getting up to the roof from the fourth floor.  Suddenly, the party's resident matahari, a Brazilian femme fatale named Esmeralda Cabala, found a dumb waiter that lead up to the roof, and hoisted herself up - after splitting herself from the rest of the party, of course.

The rest of the party was either busy trying to get up on the roof or draining the blood from evil cultists.  That would be the resident vampire, Lilith, who had spent most of the adventure exsanguinating various chauffeurs, maids, and a large Cleavland Bay horse used for fox-hunts.  I'm not sure why so many of the players want to be monsters themselves - but they do.

So, anyway, Miss Esmeralda saw that The Boy's character, Louis Feng, had gotten up to the roof and was kung-fuing some of the cultist guards, but not getting very far.  Esmerelda then decided that it was up to her to stop the evil ritual - despite her complete lack of combat ability.

Instead, her plan was to strip butt-nekkid, sneak into the middle of the magic circle, convince the cultists that she was a succubus from hell, and distract them with her feminine wiles.  Okay, yeah, sounds crazy.  However, her attractiveness rating is through the roof, so it didn't seem completely impossible.  Well, until she COMPLETELY blew her rolls.

One of the cultists drew a wicked knife to dispatch poor, nekkid Esmerelda.  She whipped out her knife.  Don't ask were she was keeping it.  She attacked the cultist and . . . CRITICALLY FAILED the attack.


So, she, inside of a highly charged magic circle, drew her OWN blood.  Even a muggle could figure out nothing good would come out of that.

The party's magic user, who had fought off the onslaught of a group of mind-controlling ghosts, decided to toss an exploding fireball into the fray.  Now, there are two things to keep in mind . . .

  1. The magic user is actually the half-demon son of LORD IBLIS.
  2. The magic user, who was out of fatigue points, had to burn his own hit points to pull the spell off.

Yeah.  Demon blood magic going off near a corrupted, blood-tainted magic circle.

So the exploding fireball hit the center of the magic circle PERFECTLY, blasting Esmerelda unconscious and frying the chanting cultists into lifeless husks.  It took me a few seconds to piece together what would happen.

Just before the fireball exploded, the Detective character got up to the roof and shot the Evil High Priest dead with a gun.  What he saw was an bright explosion centered on the magic circle - followed by the after-image of something huge - giant - winged - horned - stepping out of some sort of fissure.  Then it was gone.

Running to the fallen form of Miss Esmeralda, they found her alive, but somewhat red, with vestigial bumps on her forehead, tiny wings on her back, and the beginning of what only could be a barbed tail near her rear end.  I mean, after all, her desire upon entering the circle had been to be perceived as a sexy demon lady - so it only made sense that the ritual followed her desire.

Of course, I left it up to the PC, but yeah, she decided to go ahead and have Esmerelda become a succubus.She actually seemed excited about the prospect. :)

The next game session should be quite interesting, indeed.  So, we've got a vampire, and now a succubus.  Oh, the half-demon's player got bored with his character and is making a werewolf.  The party better invest in some flea dip.

- Ark


  1. In the immortal words of Arrested Development: "I've made a terrible mistake." ;)

    1. While shucking off one's clothes to convince evil cultists you are a succubus might be admirable, yeah - huge mistake. :)

      - Ark

  2. Great blog! I'm looking to start a campaign similar to yours, and was wondering what points you allowed for the characters. Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to remember that far back. If I recall, it was episodic and I ran three multi-session chapters. Chinatown was at 50 pts, the Scotish Moors were at 100 pts, and Transylviania was at 150 pts. Each episode was years apart and had the same characters, just more capable each time.

      Good luck!

      - Ark