Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 19: First Gamer That Annoyed the Hell Out of You

Two of my current players sitting at IHOP.  The topic of this post is merely coincidental.
The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge

Day 19: First gamer that annoyed the hell out of you.

Early in my gaming career, the family moved from a real city (Houston) to a not-real-city, Stephenville, TX.  Back then, the town had something like 10,000 people, a Rexall Drug Store, a movie theater with one screen, and absolutely no where to buy D&D supplies.  There were a couple of kids there that liked D&D, but Satanic Panic was pretty heavy there, so it was hard to get a game going.  I just read my old D&D stuff over and over again.

Then, about six months after moving, my mother decides to take a trip 80 miles or so to the nearest mall for a shopping spree.  I high-tailed it to the nearest bookstore - and lo and behold - they had D&D stuff.  I saw this little manila book called Swords and Spells, and had to snatch it up.  That's when HE came in the store.

He was this kid - about as old as I was, who LOVED D&D.  Loved it to tears.  He loved his 87th level Thief/Bard/Magic-user/Ninja/Cyborg/Chiropodist too, and told me all about Magnifidorf the Magnificent's adventures.

For like thirty minutes.

I tried to chew my leg off and limp stealthily away, but no, he was too strong in the force, and held me in place as he accounted for every piece of copper his character had ever found, and recited poems in iambic pentameter lauding his talking, singing, magic vorpal sword of freezing annihilation named Brutus.

Eventually I escaped, reeling from the onslaught.

For decades, I abstained from talking to anyone about the adventures of my characters, or the contents of the campaigns I ran, unless someone specifically asked - and then - I tried to be a brief as possible.  Magnifidorf the Magnificent's player/operator really put the fear in me - the fear of being perceived as a boring, obsessed, geek/dweeb with a thin grasp of reality and even thinner grasp of the patience of others.

Of course, now I blog about that kind of shit. :)

Oh, and if Magnifidorf the Magnificent's player/operator is out there - I'm sorry.  Follow your bliss.  Talk all you want.  I'll make popcorn.

- Ark

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