Monday, February 17, 2014

For Every Dollar You Send Me, God Will Give You Two Dollars . . .

Random people at the coffee shop.
The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge

Day 17: First time you heard that D&D was somehow "evil."

My grandmother threw a fit as soon as she saw the cover of the DMG. She was one of those old ladies who would sign her retirement checks over to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Oral Roberts, Robert Tilton, Kenneth Copeland, and a host of other proponents of Prosperity Theology. She had learned - on the PTL Club, I think it was, that the Beatles brainwashed children, Ouija boards held demons inside of them, that the Smurfs promoted homosexuality and necrophilia, and that Dungeons and Dragons was the preferred vehicle to proliferate Satanic worship.

She demanded that I turn over all of my D&D books to her so that she could burn them in a bonfire.  Images of Opernplatz danced in my head.  I refused.  My mother backed me up.  The lady did burn my mother's Ouija board though - in secret.

Yay Texas!

- Ark


  1. As a Christian (of the Mennonite denomination) who plays D&D, I can identify with this post. So many Christians still think D&D is satanic. It something that I will only speak of sparingly in a church setting, since it still divides people. The problem is that the folks who react so strongly are generally the type who see a demon behind every bush and in every shadow (not knocking your grandmother, just generalizing). They have no concept of fantasy literature or the fact that imagination is just that - imagination. It's a problem of passing judgment - when our teachings clearly say that we should not be judging others, even if it's done out of a concern for our eternal well-being. Not to mention that those TV preachers you mentioned that talk about prosperity theology are unbelievably misguided, and have appropriated the faith for their gain. They are totally misunderstanding the teachings in the Bible and are completely and utterly incorrect. They've led more people not to believe than most. When the prosperity does not come after the life savings is gone, a lot of people give up on their faith. God only gives us what we need, according to His plan. That's why there's so much talk from the Big Guy about being happy with what you have, and to be satisfied that where you are is where you should be at the moment. I faced this same kind of thing here in Ohio with step-family giving me books about the "evils" of D&D. Needless to say, I was incredibly offended!

  2. Misguided people are just that - they love you the best they know how. My mom had my room Exercised...they singled out my D&D stuff, some ceramic owl bookends, and my mathematics text on Catastrophe theory. Thankfully they missed my copy of the Necronomicon (Simon)... Born and raised here so praise God for the Lone Star State!

  3. Ironic. I never felt any D&D backlash or "satanic panic" growing up (born in 1974), and yet I'm one of the only gamers I know who is an avowed Satanist.