Sunday, February 2, 2014

Horror Noir Bayeux Tapestry in the Works

Our gaming group is continuing to play GURPS.  The players seem to like it - it's simple enough to not get in the way of a good story, but complicated enough to handle all of the really weird ideas we come up with.  Oddly, we are still running with the game that I only set up as an experimental venue - that of Horror Noir.

The characters are agents of the Directorate of Esoteric Affairs, a British agency founded to fight and contain weirdness of all shapes and forms.  They've fought zombies in London's Chinatown, undead ghost babies and evil cultists in Scotland, and protected an ancient Egyptian Mummy from a Parisian Gargoyle over the skies of France inside of the Hindenburg.

The party is made up of a tough-as-nails British police investigator, a kung-fu master from China, and a wiley South Afican monster huntress.  Also included in the mix as a Brazilian Mati Hari who was turned into a succubus after interrupting a demon summoning spell, a black-and-white horror film starlet who got waay too intimate with an actual, real life vampire on set, and an American gumshoe who tussled with a werewolf a bit too closely one night.  So, yeah, half the monster hunters have turned into actual, real life monsters over the years.

This time out, five DEA agents vanished on the way to Transylvania, and our intrepid heroes have been sent to Romania to find out what happened.  Below are the visual notes from one of the players.  She plays the South African monster huntress, and has done a great job.  I am fully expecting a complete Bayeux Tapestry workup of all of their adventures soon. :)

Awesome, eh?

- Ark

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