Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Revenge of the Dead Simple Lock & Trap Mini-game

About a billion years ago, the OSR Blogosphere was chewing over a method to make dealing with locks and traps more interesting for thieves in D&D.  Taking all of the good ideas, I taped together a method that my son liked - the Dead Simple Lock & Trap Mini-game.

Well, I just got a message from one André LCRJ out of Brazil . . .

Hi, I’m a little late but I only discovered your site now, and I have to say that your idea is fantastic. In fact, I liked it so much that I made a BURP deck for me, in Portuguese (It is a FORS deck actually). But since you were so kind as to share your game I might as well do the same, and I made a deck in english too. The distribution is the same of a standard deck of cards: Four suites from 1 to 10 plus 3 face cards for each suite (Lock, Hourglass & Key). The size of the cards fit a standard card shield. I added a little extra too: At the bottom of each card there’s a “Magic 8-Ball” like sentence, that a DM can use to solve some problem that he might have in the game session. Hope you enjoy.

The deck is HERE.



So thanks, André for the awesome card deck.  Now I need to get it printed out all fancy-like.

- Ark

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