Friday, February 21, 2014

Sad Books

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The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge

Day 21: First time you sold some of your D&D books - for whatever reason.

A couple of months ago - actually.

I've lost A LOT of gaming books and modules and paraphernalia over the years.  Moving once or twice a year, not being able to pay the storage bill and having the items auction off, just being stupid - yeah - those all took a huge toll on my collection.  But selling D&D stuff?  No - Never - I Never, Ever, Ever would do that . . .

Oh, wait.  Just before we moved back in December I looked over everything that I was going to have to move and decided that my huge collection of books had to get whittled down.  It was actually easier than I thought - and a trip to Half-Price Books later and all of my 4e stuff was gone.  Weeeeelll - I kept the stuff from the Essentials line.  And the Dungeon Tiles.  And the Minis.

Oh, I did keep the Hammerfast.  The module - um, I mean "Roleplaying Game Supplement," is a neat little dwarven town full of adventures.  It is so unlike any other 4e adventures, it makes you do a double-take.  There is a description of the town, places in the town, people in the town, and possible adventures.  And some maps.  And LINE DRAWINGS.  But no pre-programmed overly scripted combat scenario monstrosities that plague every other facet of 4e.  It really feels like an original D&D product - just scrape out some stat blocks and insert your favorite rule-set.  I'd recommend it.

But the 14 metric tons of rules, adventures, and splat books all went splat.  I still see them sitting on the shelves at the Half-Price Book store three months later - along with everyone else's copies of 4e books.  It seems rather sad.

- Ark

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