Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Peanut Characters as a D&D Party

One of the first things I remember drawing as a kid was Snoopy.  My sister and I would draw the whole Peanuts gang over and over again.  Well, actually, we would trace them and make adjustments to their faces where needed.  The recent Peanuts cartoon announcement on FOX got me thinking about the strip again, and how the angst ridden life of Charlie Brown made my life seem less crappy in comparison.

So - I was just thinking - I'd like to draw them again.  But as a D&D party.  However, that's as far as I've got in the thought process.  Exactly WHO should be included in the party (of five or so,) and what roles they should take - I'm not sure.

Crowd-sourcing to the rescue.  So - what do YOU think should be the party make-up?  Who fits into what character class?  Let me know in the comments.  I'll paste something together from your answers and draw the group.

Thanks for your input in advance . . . :)

- Ark


  1. My two cp:
    Charlie = Hapless fighter (a la Roy from OOTS)
    Snoopy = Half orc wizard (with Woodstock dragonette familiar)
    Lucy = Bossy cleric
    Linus = Wizard (with blanket spellbook)
    Sally = Thief (in Shiela costume from the D&D cartoon)
    Peppermint Patty = Barbarian or Valkyrie
    Marcie = Low level mage
    Schroeder = Bard with one of those sideboard harps (forget the name)
    Pigpen = Troglodyte warrior

    Here is some inspiration, look forward to what you make:

    1. Thanks for your cp. That's a pretty funny video. :)

      - Ark

  2. I'm thinking:

    Linus as the Cleric
    Snoopy as the Thief
    Schroeder as the Bard
    Marcie as the Wizard
    Peppermint Patty and Lucy as Fighters
    Charlie Brown as the Torchbearer

  3. Charlie as human Fighter
    Schroeder as dual-classed Bard/Cleric
    Linus as a human cleric
    Peppermint Patty as a human Ranger
    Lucy as a dwarven Fighter
    Sally as a elven Druid
    Snoopy as a gnoll Thief
    Woodstock as an avian Meatshield
    Violet as an elven Magic User
    Marice as an elven Fighter/Magic User

    1. Hmmm. I think Lucy would get REALLY MAD if I put a beard on her. :)

      - Ark

  4. This was the first thing I thought of.

    I remember seeing this during a search for images when I was playing BESM d20.

    1. That is somewhat disturbing. I think I might need to bleach my eyes. Sally should NEVER be wearing hotpants.

      - Ark

  5. Lucy is an Asassin posing as a cleric, perhaps Cleric/Assassin...
    Snoopy is an Illusionist-explains all his adventures vs. Red Baron et. al.
    Woodstock is Snoopy's Familiar
    Pigpen is a Thief-no one can see him, making picking pockets, etc. easy.

  6. Charlie as a Cleric
    Schroeder as a Bard
    Linus as a Magic User
    Peppermint Patty as a Barbarian
    Lucy as a Paladin
    Sally as a elven Fighter/Magic User
    Snoopy as a Thief (Blanket stealling)
    Woodstock as a Druid