Friday, May 23, 2014

Angry Metal Jesus

Last weekend I was drawing this guy who was studying at the coffee shop. There was nothing angry or metal about him - and certainly not jesusy.  But I looked down at what I had drawn and the title just popped out of my head.  I was hesitant to write that phrase down - since I fear being busted by my marks - and I certainly didn't want to be busted with the ANGRY METAL JESUS emblazoned under my mark's face.  Cuz, like, there was no one else in the place who even vaguely looked like him. But then I said FUCK IT, and wrote it anyway.   So as I finished up the lettering, this little girl - somewhere between ten or twelve, walked up to me - ON MY FLANK RIGHT FROM MY BLIND SPOT - and said loudly,

"I really like your drawing of that guy over there!"

I'm not sure how high I jumped, but I could have probably qualified for a college track and field team.

- Ark