Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ancilla #3


The top searches leading to the blog this week are:

  1. bravest warriors porn
  2. wakfu evangeline nude
  3. futanari ponies


- Ark

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gamer's BBQ

Top left to bottom right, their horrible, no choice having, rpg blog pseudonyms are:
Kayette, Adelaide, The Boy, Ark, Skipper, Kaye, and Merwyn.
All murder hobos have to eat sometime, so the gamer crew had a cook-out at my place last weekend.  It was a great time, filled with booze, veggie plates, grilled hamburgers, pyromaniacs around a fire-pit, smores, glow sticks, bubble machines, glow bubbles, X-box dancing games, and Cards Against Humanity.

Actually, they are not murder hobos in the GURPS Space game anymore.  They are sedentary murders, having bought a night club called Tracers on the pleasure island of Aztec Heights, and appear to be currently carving out a mercenary empire.  In the ACKS scale of things, I think they are somewhere between Conquerors and Kings now.

Hail to the King, baby . . .

- Ark

Ancilla #2

Sunday, June 1, 2014

NSFW: Anniversary

Oh dear.  Boobs and bush.  Call the police already. :)

So I've been doing this A-Doodle-A-Day thing for HALF A YEAR now. (Well, as far as counting months go - not half in days.)  I'm surprised I've lasted this long.  It's not just the volume.  One doodle a day.  I can create lots of crappy art.  It's just . . . was I really willing to POST my crappy art for all to see?

I guess I am an exhibitionist.

What you've seen for the last six months is my BEST work.  Well, at least the work I consider best.  A lot of it is horrible and cringe-worthy.

I'm not too bad at drawing from reference - when I take the time and all of the stars are in the right place.  Like little miss sunglasses over there.  I drew here from a photo on my Nexus while watching We're The Millers.  Not bad for not even trying.  But - you might ask - where are her legs?  DELETED.  They were BAD.

Yet I hate relying on references.  I want to be able to spit the human form straight out of my mind.  I work a lot on that.  I work hard.  And it is some of the most nasty stuff to come out of my pencil.  You've seen it.  It's the stuff that you don't even bother clicking the thumbnail on. :)  I think there are about 40 of you out there who click on anything I post.  Well, 5 of you and 35 Russian Mafia Zombie Image Harvesters.

But the A-Doodle-A-Day self-challenge has caused me to draw a lot more - mainly in hopes that I don't have to post so much horrible stuff.  And drawing more is one of those things that is supposed to make you better at drawing - so it's like medicine - and it's fun.  Okay, frustrating at times, but fun.

So, the challenge is helping me.  But I hope it is doing something else.  Artists show off their best stuff.  They carefully cull the herd and make portfolios to stun and amaze the viewer.  As a wanna-be, I know that can be very daunting.  It has helped me greatly to see the early works of masters - and to see what my favorite artists put in their 'scrap' folders on gallery sites.  What I am hoping is that maybe, just maybe, all this crap that I am spewing out might inspire other artists who are down on their work to keep at it.

Keep chugging along with drawing.  You might have one good piece out of 1,000 tries.  Then one day, you might get one good piece out of 500 tries.  Eventually, you rely less on HAPPY ACCIDENTS and can pull off an INTENTIONAL AWESOMENESS now and again.  It just takes work and an ability to separate your own self worth from the horrible, nasty, atrocious things that creep out of your pencil onto the page.


Oh, and yes, I still am running that GURPS Sci Fi game.  It's great fun.  We are also gearing up to play some of this new-fangled 5e D&D when it comes out.  But for this one - I'm only going to be a player.  Yay!

- Ark