Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

I just noticed that the blog was about to hit 300K views, so I figured I'd share . . . :)

- Ark


  1. A damn sight higher than mine. I've been writing since late 2010, and in that entire time I've only had one month north of 6000 pageviews. (I'm about to have my second, right now.) What I definitely see is that you put up almost as many posts in 2011 as I've put up almost four years.

    So... congrats, and some friendly envy. ;)

    1. Congratz on your second 6K month! Volume of posts is definitely important for view. Getting on people's blog rolls used to be important, but G+ changed all of that. I kind of ignore the whole thing now and just post whatever the hell I want, as I assume most traffic is from Russian Zombie Bot Farms harvesting content in order to build the SINGULARITY, but hey, it *could* be an actual reader. Who knows. :)

      - Ark (helping to build an RPG aware super AI in some grandma's house in a suburb of Moscow)

  2. you want to see your stats drop like a stone? Have your computer hijacked by Chinese software for a week.
    There's been a curious number of Russians checking out my site for about 18 months now too.

  3. Rushing headlong towards 10k views and three loyal readers... Plus two spam sites who love me.