Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Changed from DND 5.0 Basic 0.1 to 0.2?

Like I said in my last post, WOTC published the second version of their Basic Player's Rules.  I was happy, but then got grumpy as I had already printed out the 0.1 version and didn't want to burn a lot of ink reprinting the whole thing.

Soo, being a COMPUTER NERD, I ran both files through a program that detects differences in text and figured out what was different, and what I'd need to print out.

The credits changed - they added some.  I didn't see them taking away anybody, so that was GOOD.

There were quite a bit of reordering of things in the character creation and equipment sections - but I couldn't see any changes to the actual text, really.  

They did add the Noble background.

They clarified that the HD gained from a long rest, after division, should be rounded UP.

There were, um, lots of spells added.

And there were two appendices added.  The Gods of the Multiverse added the Forgotten Realms Gods, and there was a section on the five factions which play heavily into the Tyranny of Dragons campaign thing that's going.

So, some cool stuff added.  Not much changed, actually.  So here is a list of pages I am going to print and add to my Basic printout:

Pages 1, 40, 107-111.  To do the spells you'd have to print the whole spell section over again.  My son has the PHB, so I'll just look over his shoulder for spells. :)

So that's not bad - just 7 or so pages to print out.  Well, except for the new Basic DMG.  That's 60 more pages to print.  Whew!

- Ark

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