Thursday, September 18, 2014

Acquisitions Incorporated

There are some people I play D&D with who have not seen Acquisitions Incorporated, so this post is for them.  Everybody else - stop reading.  Oh, okay - read along if you must - other people.

Back, like, about a billion years ago, Wizards of the Coast made a podcast to showcase their new (then) version of Dungeons and Dragons - 4th edition.  They got some funny people - Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, and Scott Kurtz from PvP - to play a round of D&D and show what it was capable of.  Over the years, that idea exploded into a mutant horror involving huge auditoriums packed with people, cosplaying DMs and players, and live streams on Twitch.

There have been a lot of podcasts and videos over the years, including a plethora of 'interns' - including Wil Wheaton.  They are kind of scattered all over the net in various formats.  If you are interested in watching, I think the last four sessions are a good place to start, and form a story arc that I like to call 'The Forgotten Realms Magical Mystery Tour.'

Ark of the Mad Mage Part One - This takes place after the members of Acquisitions incorporated crash land Jim Darkmagic's family mansion onto the world of Faerun.  Um - long story.  It involes some old fashioned crazy dungeon goodness.  This one is only audio - so no big audience or cosplaying - but they had done large theaters before this. It's also chopped up into a whole bunch of episodes, but the link I provided puts them into a playlist. It's a good one, but if you want to SEE what is going on, feel free to skip to Part Two.  Oh, and it is using 4e still.

Ark of the Mad Mage Part Two - This one is on stage, with a live audience and costumes.  It continues the dungeon delve - eventually turning into the movie Pacific Rim inside of Waterdeep.  I'm not sure how that happened - but it's funny. The game mechanics switch from 4e to D&D Next in this episode.

Tyranny of Dragons Part One - The party continues on after the events in the 'Ark,' and begins to run afoul of the 'Tyranny of Dragons.'  Again, stage and cosplaying and still D&D Next.

Tyranny of Dragons Part Two - And more dragons.  :)  This is the first game using the 5e rules.

If you want to see the earlier stuff, just dig around on the D&D site or on YouTube.  You'll eventually find the stuff and sort it out. :)

Who the hell are all of these people?

They are . . .
Chris Perkins as the Cosplaying DM
Jerry Holkins as Omin Dran
(Tycho from Penny Arcade)
Mike Krahulik as Jim Darkmagic
(Gabe from Penny Arcade)
Scott Kurtz as
Binwin Bronzebottom (PvP)
Guest Staring
Patrick Rothfus as Viari
Morgan Webb as Morgaen


- Ark


  1. Yes...
    My daughter posted this to my FB via Patrick Rothfuss' blog and his narrative of his gaming history.

    1. Yes, was a good find.
      I love how he wasn't 'cool' enough to even play with the geeks.

    2. Hey - everyone who had an Aerobie was SUPER cool. I should know. :)