Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Killed A Dragon This Weekend

No gold dragons appeared in any of the games this week,
but my son's high school colors are purple and gold,
so yeah - that explains the color choices above. :)
Actually, there were a LOT of dragon happenings over the last week.


These days, I play in two D&D games a week.  One as a player - one as the DM.  Our DM, a younger, much more energetic fellow, participates in three games a week.  So yeah, we are using the hell out of the 5.0 PHB.

As you may have seen from previous posts, I'm playing as Lady Sarafina of Corlinn Hill in the Phandelver game.  We've been playing some time now - but because of the sandbox nature of the adventure - we've been purposely avoiding the big green dragon on the top of the box, who we figured pretty quickly was in the old mage's tower in Thundertree.  So - there came a point where there was nothing left to do but go take on the dragon.

The party currently consists of one ranged fighter, one tanky fighter, a tanky paladin, and two howitzer wizards.  The net effect is that we don't sneak and we don't heal.  We just show up loudly on someone's doorstep and begin blowing the shit out of everything visible.

We were afraid of the dragon.  What we should have been afraid of was the frikkin spiders.

One of the players - the paladin - had been complaining that he wasn't really feeling threatened.  He wasn't afraid of the combats.  This, despite the fact that his character had been KILLED DEAD in the last session.  (You know that one revivify scroll? Yeah . . .)  So the DM upped hardness of Thundertree.  Holy shit.  I never want to see another spider again.

The spiders immediately took out the two tanks.  Then one of the wizards.  The ranged fighter did some damage, but was taken down as well.

So, in the dusty main street of a ghost town, one wounded giant spider and one battered, stubby halfing wizard with a ring fetish stared each other down like two Clint Eastwoods in Tombstone.  I think even a tumbleweed went by.

It was the spider's turn.  He was too far for a regular attack, so he shot his web.  Every time that frikkin spider shot his web, one of us went down.  So it was just about down to a TPK.

The spider rolled a 1.

Wham, the halfling sent a barrage lights into the spider and killed it dead.

The dragon fight was a real work out.  It was fun.  At one point, three out of five of us were out on the ground.  My son said it was a very satisfying end to the adventure - which it was.

But I don't care how badass that dragon was.  My heart was pounding HARD - and I mean HARD - only in that spider fight.

Frikkin spiders.

Hmm - I didn't get to the second dragon story - the one in Hoard.  Oh well - next post.  Till then, watch out for spiders.


- Ark

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