Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I had no idea it was Inktober.

Actually, up until a couple of hours ago, I had never heard of Inktober.

It's one of those draw-and-post things.  In ink.  I know that I could use a lot of work on my inking techniques, so I'm all in for this one. I'll be reworking  some of my old sketches with ink for practice.  Hopefully something good will come from it.  Other than getting my hands coating in ink, that is.

Below is my first, done with Sakura Pigma Micron, Zebra Calligraphy, and Pentel Pocket Brush ink dispensing devices. :)

Enjoy . . .

- Ark


  1. Happy Inktober, Ark. Much fun to you in the new challenge.

    1. Thanks! I shall certainly try.

      - Ark

    2. And I'll be back to read of your adventures.

      Have a great night and boogie boogie.