Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adventures in Arting

It seems that a important part of learning path in art is to fall flat on my face, painfully, and then flop around like a dying fish while trying to figure out why I suddenly can't draw anymore.  I think it happens - big time - maybe once or twice a year.  I am chugging along just fine - creating art better than I ever had before - and then I'm on the side of the road with a flat tire and have somehow forgotten how to operate a car jack.

I seriously could not draw a straight line for a while there.

I think it's because I started to use my pencil differently - trying to sweep with my shoulder more than my elbow or wrist.  Things were okay for a couple of pictures, then BAM - crap crap crap.

I THINK that the change kind of laid bare some of my lazy drawing habits - like just shifting facial bits and pieces around without having a good grasp on the anatomy of the skull and fleshy face bits. Same goes for the body.  Sure, I can look at a reference and copy it, but constructing the forms underneath - well - I could use some work.

I THINK.  I don't know.  Arting is also like a big old stack of Jenga.  Each one of those Jenga stick might be knowledge or techniques, etc.  But a fair amount of them are just chunks of confidence, and without confidence, the whole thing goes splat.

So, I sat a stared at some videos of artists I like on Youtube, watching how they hold their pencils and move their hands.  Well - they all have different ways of doing it.  But not a single one of them does it the way they are "supposed to." :)

I shoulda known.

Of course this is all happening when I'm going through some of the most stressful times at work in a decade.  That probably has something to do with it too.

So, I'm chugging along, doing exercises out of Andrew Loomis' Drawing the Heads and Hands.  I feel like I am in rehab.  But it's working.

Anyway, I'll keep drawing.  And preping for the last section of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  The players are in the last bit.  Could be a TPK.  Good times.

- Ark

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