Monday, December 1, 2014

Dungeon Master's Guide

More short axe-wielding ladies.
Tonight I received a complimentary copy of the DMG from my FLGS.  I'm DMing the Hoard of the Dragon Queen for the D&D Adventurers League - and probably The Rise of Tiamat soon too.  Well, I finally finished just FLIPPING through the thing, and boy, are my eyes full.  I don't ever remember seeing such a pretty DMG, or one with so much STUFF on so many diverse topics.

I did read a bit on my flip through.  There is an OSR feeling to this stuff.  Well, maybe just an original D&D feel.  No that those two things are really different at all, actually.  And the pictures are just awesome - they evoke a lot of different feelings, environments, and methods of play.

The DMG seems to say 'Okay, the other two books had some rules and stuff in them, but that's just kind of an illusion for the player.  But the DM can't live in rule-land.  The DM should live in happy-fun-land, so here are some tools to build happy-fun-land, and, in fact, here are some tools to build the tools to build happy-fun-land.  Oh, and and we may one day make a PHB II, a MM II, and even a DMG II, but why don't you write those yourself?  Now.  Go."

So yeah, I'm stoked.  Now to actually read it and see if my first impressions are right.

- Ark

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