Tuesday, December 30, 2014


So, does miniature painting fit into my A-Doodle-A-Day challenge?  Well . . . sure . . . why not.  I just have one more day left in the year-long challenge anyway - and all I stipulated was that I post something artsy each day.  So there. :)

My son and I have been getting involved in Infinity.  I had been looking around for something to play at the FLGS - perhaps some type of collectible card game - but instead chose something I never thought I'd play - a scifi wargame.

The setting is like . . . um . . . if Ghost in the Shell had a love child with Mass Effect.  Or if Bubblegum Crisis and Appleseed had a threesome with Halo.  The background is massive and rich and crazy and reminds me of a lot of the science fiction campaigns that I've created.  The game came out in 2005 in Spain, and grew out of the developer's own home sci-fi role playing game.

While the background is cool, the mechanics are even cooler.  Unlike other wargame or skirmish games that I've seen, there is always something for each player to do.  It's not MOVE - WAIT - MOVE - WAIT, it's ACT - REACT - ACT - REACT.  If the opposing player runs his trooper around a corner where your dude can see him - BLAM.  Blast him.  It's always busy.  You are always studying a fluid battlefield and acting or reacting.  You get your face down to the board level and check to see if you can get a bead on moving troops all the time.  If you don't notice something - well - that's your bad.

Aside from troopers and shooting, you can deploy hackers to take over the enemy's battlemechs and strafe their own troops, you can release lovable looking koala-bots that run up to soldiers, hug them tight, and blow up, you can race up and down the streets in combat motorcycles, you can send a squad of optically camouflaged high tech ninjas behind the enemy lines, you can have an airdropped werewolf take up a sniper position, you can shoot people with packets of nanowire, you can . . . oh dear . .  . there is a lot. :)

I've decided to start building a Nomad army.  The Nomads are basically Space Gypsies.  They excel in hacking, optical camo, and horrific technological weapons.  Oh, and they have crazy-ass murder-nuns.

My son is working on an Ariadna army.  They are a lost colony that was unlost at some point.  Take Americans, Russians, Frenchmen, and Scots, cook for a hundred years, don't let them advance technologically, but give them some unobtanium that makes bullets that ignore armor, turn half of them into werewolf-like things, then have an loopy AI resurrect William Wallace to lead them.

Anyway, a brand new edition - 3rd - just came out with a very spiffy starter set - Operation: Icestorm.  It doesn't hurt that there are quite a few players already at the FLGS, so this next year should be full of fun skirmishes and lots of superglue on my fingers.

- Ark

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