Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Doctor Who Day

Cover by Jake Ekiss
While this kind of sounds like an April Fool's Day thing, this actual event is actual.  My small home town will be officially celebrating Doctor Who Day on April 4th.

It all started when someone convinced someone else that it would be a good idea to have an alternate cover of the the first issue of  "New Adventures with the Ninth Doctor" that features the Denton County Courthouse in Texas.  No clue why or who, but someone did it.  My FLGS, More Fun Comics and Games, made it happen, I think.

The idea snowballed, and "Doctor Who Day on the Square" was soon announced (526 people are signed up for it on Facebook, currently.)  A prop TARDIS is being erected on the courthouse lawn.  Some local business are giving discounts to cosplayers during the festivities.

Then a city councilman and the mayor got involved, and made the whole thing official.  So now, April 4th, 2015 is "Dr. Who Day" in Denton, Texas.  Yeah, okay, the BBC never abbreviates the word 'doctor' for the show, but . . . meh . . . technicalities. :)

So pretty cool eh?  I love my town.  Full of weirdos and nerds.

Here is document, all official and stuff . . .

- Ark

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