Sunday, May 10, 2015

GURPS Space: Triton Core

On Saturday, we had the inaugural game of Triton Core, a science fiction campaign run with the GURPS ruleset and set in a Stars Without Number type universe with the serial numbers filed off.  We've been playing two D&D games a week in the Forgotten Realms for almost a year and I felt it was time to scratch the space itch again.  Currently Triton Core is an unscheduled pick-up game, but may evolve to have more scheduling structure.

The initial game went really well, with the players investigating the disappearance of a flighty cartographer deep within an icy moon on the edge of nowhere.  Since the game will have less regularity than others we've played, I've decided to post game logs and other data to this blog for easy access.  And I think I'll use this page in particular for a table of contents for game related posts.  So look for those below at a later date.

Enjoy or ignore at your discretion. :)


- Ark

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