Thursday, May 21, 2015

Purple Sheet


  1. From a usually silent fan of your artwork. I really I enjoy the gesture in this drawing and have had fun watching your progress over time. Inspiring! Thanks!! And now when is the next Dr. Sketchy's...?

    1. Thank! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been doing longer gestures lately, which gives time to work with shading. You know, I've never been to a Dr. Sketchy's. The nearest is like an hour away last time I looked. Are they good?

      - Ark

    2. I suspect the answer is it will vary with location. I think ours is great, but the Twin Cities has a vibrant burlesque community, from which the models are drawn(no pun intended :p) My only complaint is that the burlesque performers, who are used to using props, tend to keep some of these props when the the posing begins and in some cases it is too much. I want to see anatomy, not big feathery fans, or helmets! Very recently I have discovered and attended a few life drawing sessions. These were more serious, and more "useful." But its hard to beat Dr. Sketchy's, where I start with a sandwich and brew, watch a brief burlesque routine, hoot and holler with the crowd, and then get quiet with the crowd as the drawing begins.

      I hope you have a chance to check it out some time.

      Keep drawing, gaming, and posting!


    3. DM - Ah - yeah, I've got a friend in Minneapolis who also reports a very healthy burlesque-o-sphere. I've noticed a similar issue with cosplayers - they want to show off their costumes - and all I want to see is their clavicles. :) But yeah - sound like fun. I'll definitely have to catch a Dr. Sketchy's.

      - Ark