Monday, May 11, 2015

Triton Core: Overview

The Coalition of Twelve Systems
[This entry is an article for the Triton Core campaign.]

Centuries of infowar have corrupted mankind's racial memory irreparably.  Only religious zealots can say with certainty how humanity spread amongst the stars.  Researchers estimate that we stumbled onto the galactic wormhole network a least a thousand years ago.  Most likely, humanity didn't invent the wormhole network, but quickly learned how to utilize it to colonize thousands of worlds.  Then, some five centuries ago, the wormhole network shut down.

At that time, people did not own the cities they lived in.  People did not own their transportation systems, power generators, construction equipment, or food growth vats.  Our ancestors simply rented these things from far away superbrains that required constant payment.  The equipment failed when the wormhole network shut down and the superbrains could not be paid.  Power systems ceased to function.  Antigrav devices fell from the sky.  Entire cities melted back into the nanitic goo from which they had been formed.

Paranoid survivalists and religious cults, long afraid of the superbrains, used their horded retro-tech to survive the Nanocaust.  Our current societies were built from this post-apocalyptic melting pot.  Eventually we returned to the wormholes with the dream of reopening them.

Around each wormhole orbits a moon-sized API called a Triton Core.  Eventually, it was learned that the control codes for each Triton Core had been encrypted.  Decades were needed to crack the coding around each Triton Core, but it was feasible.  Finally, we began to reconnect with our neighbors.

After 50 years, we had connected 12 inhabited systems.  In a euphoric haze, the Coalition of Twelve Systems was created with the purpose of forging a permanent era of peace and prosperity.  As we know, that dream failed rather quickly and has left us in the unstable political mess we live in today - but that is another story.

- Ark

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