Saturday, June 27, 2015


For a while now, I've been streaming.

It has nothing to do with a urinal, btw.

I've been streaming my drawing sessions over on the Picarto site.  It's a pretty nifty art site where you can watch artists draw, and people like me try to draw as I fend off daily life, family, several demanding cats, and my own inability to concentrate for more than two seconds.

What was I talking about?

Oh yes, streaming.  Come on by My Channel and take a look.  Chat if you like.  I may not notice, being too busy trying to find a moist towelette to remove the Cheetos dust from my fingers.  Or don't say hi and quietly lurk - or just leave.  It' all good.

Oh - there are even writers here streaming their writing sessions!  Imagine writing an RPG supplement in front of an audience.  Um, okay, not that exciting.  But it's something to think about. :)

- Ark

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