Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yahfi The Drow Raver Girl Assassin

I've completed coloring Yahfi, my drow raver-girl assassin in our new D&D campaign.  She hangs around the nedeirra, or sweat dances, of Menzoberranzan, reveling in hedonism and murder.  Yahfi is the life of the party, and also the death.  The pic took somewhere over 30 hours to complete.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yahfi Inks

This is my most recent D&D character, Yahfi. The DM decided on an evil campaign in the Underdark of Faerun.  After some research, I discovered that Drows of Menzoberranzan have raves, or ‘sweat dances,’ as they are called.  They typically lead to death, fire, and debauchery.  So how could I not make a Drow Raver/Assassin? :)

I’m very happy with the way my art is headed.  I’m starting to be able to have an idea and execute it.  Odd concept, I know. ;)

- Ark