Monday, September 7, 2015

Clumzor's Bambi Study

This is a study of Clumzor’s Bambi from his NSFW comic, The Party.  Clumzor is one of my favorite artists, and Bambi is my favorite character of his.  The top left image is from his comic, while my copy is on the right.  Below should be a gif showing my process.
I once was fortunate enough to catch Clumzor drawing on Picarto and got to talk to him for a bit.  Very nice and helpful guy.  He had some great advice, and two points have stuck with me.  The first was to get off my ass and actually MAKE the comic that I’ve been thinking about.  I’m working on that one. :)  The second was to basically wallow in my favorite artist’s work.
So, I wallowed a bit in Bruce Timm’s stuff, and now here I am wallowing in Clumzor’s art.  It’s great fun.  I love his style.  Thanks for the advice, Clumzor!
- Ark

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bruce Timm Wonder Woman Study

Another Bruce Timm study - this time of Wonder Woman.  Mine is on the right - again. :)

- Ark