Monday, January 18, 2016

Yahfi by CowsGoMoose

CowsGoMoose did this amazingly awesome picture of Yahfi the wild child.  She can be seen here at a Menzoberranzan nedeirra, or sweat dance (rave) that the young drow indulge in.  Well, that is in our D&D game in which I play Yahfi.

The comic strip Yahfi isn't located in the Forgotten Realms, has never heard of Menzoberranzan, and is instead a dökkálfar from Norse mythology.  You know, for IP reasons. :)  Although with the new OGL, she might be completely legal.  Well . . . no . . . most likely the comic would violate 'community standards' . . . okay, the comic will violate ALL standards, so no, Yahfi has nothing to do with WOTC.

Again, CowSoMoose did an amazing job.  Go visit her tumblr!

- Ark

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blog Header Image Change (NSFW, of course)

You may have noticed a slight change around the blog.  I updated the header image for the first time in like five years.  The previous image was drawn for me by the wonderful artist Angel Ureña.  But this blog has become increasingly about my art, and my foray into comics, so I felt a change was needed.

It's been a fun, scary, and hectic time working on the Underfeet story.  I'd like to thank everyone for their support of my arting over the years, and this current comic in particular.  It meas a lot.  For me, drawing is like trudging into a dungeon and taking on a fire breathing dragon.  The armor chafes, my hair goes up in flames, but when I look back on what I've done, the carnage makes me smile.  I'm glad I can share the experience.

- Ark

Friday, January 1, 2016

Underfeet: Subsurface Swords and Sorcery

Happy New Year!

When I was little, my sister and I used to trace characters out of the Peanuts comic strips and tweak them to make our own.  Since then I wanted to come up with my own characters, my own art, and my own strips.  But I could never put down on paper the images I saw in my head, and by my mid-teens, I had given up on drawing.


I'd crank out a picture every other year, armed with a how-to drawing book.  I was never happy with them, even though I'd fiddle with the lines for six months.

Come to find out you can't read your way into becoming an artist.  You have to actually ART.

Five years ago I decided to ART.  Really.  Eventually I started to art every day.  There were ups and downs.  I started a failed comic strip or two.  Or three.  Or five.  But dammit, I wanted to tell cool stories with pictures.  And draw boobies.  For the rest of my life.

So finally, 2016 is here.  I've achieved the minimal art skills I deem necessary to pull off a weekly comic strip.  Well . . . okay . . . there are plenty of artists who make really great comic strips with just stick figures.  Or just really bad art but great stories.  So it's not art skills, per se, but confidence.

I finally have the confidence.

This year I'll be publishing a comic strip called Underfeet: Subsurface Swords and Sorcery on Thursdays.  It's not one of those strips that goes on forever.  The initial story is forty strips long, per my outline, and has a beginning, middle, and end.  More Underfeet stories may follow, or I may move on to a different story-verse.  Who knows.  But I'll be ARTing all over the place.

Warning: the story will be NSFW.  Boobs and butts mostly.  I may add in "extra" strips as well with more explicit content - but I'll post those on sites that are more kind to those sorts of things (I'm looking at you tumblr.)

The cover page for Undefeet goes up next Thursday, followed by the story proper on each Thrusday after that.  Enjoy!

- Ark