Monday, January 18, 2016

Yahfi by CowsGoMoose

CowsGoMoose did this amazingly awesome picture of Yahfi the wild child.  She can be seen here at a Menzoberranzan nedeirra, or sweat dance (rave) that the young drow indulge in.  Well, that is in our D&D game in which I play Yahfi.

The comic strip Yahfi isn't located in the Forgotten Realms, has never heard of Menzoberranzan, and is instead a dökkálfar from Norse mythology.  You know, for IP reasons. :)  Although with the new OGL, she might be completely legal.  Well . . . no . . . most likely the comic would violate 'community standards' . . . okay, the comic will violate ALL standards, so no, Yahfi has nothing to do with WOTC.

Again, CowSoMoose did an amazing job.  Go visit her tumblr!

- Ark

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