Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Announce . . .

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have turned on the Adult Content Warning for the Rather Gamey blog.

Okay, yeah yeah yeah, I should have probably done it sooner, but I've been waiting for someone - anyone - to have an issue with the blog's content.  Today was that day.

I noticed like a gazillion hits on my article about the Elemental Evil Player's Guide.  Curious (okay, narcissistic) I tracked it back to a reddit post.  The post was about the Guide, and someone had linked to my article for - I think - my photos.  But the original link to my blog had been deleted.  Here is a snippet of the discussion:

It always astounds me that I live in a culture where cartoon female nipples are not appropriate for the workplace, while a cartoon SEVERED FUCKING HEAD goes unnoticed.  I mean, seriously, which employee would you be more worried about - the one looking at nipples during his lunch hour, or the one looking at DISMEMBERED HEADS.

I know the one that I would fire and seek a restraining order from. :)

And I have no idea what stereotype the guy is referring to.  Maybe that some people who play D&D like nipples?  Should we not like nipples?

Anyway, so yeah, after years of nipples, butts, vaginas, and dismembered heads, I finally saw someone complain five million internet miles away, so I've reached my self-defined trigger and have now flagged the blog.  Sorry for the extra click it takes to get here, but THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

- Ark

PS - I love the "It's a drow.  It's okay." guy!



  1. No worries. The content here is solid, so I don't mind the extra click. And yeah, that "it's a drow" guy is great!

    1. I was aiming for squishy content, but whatever makes ya happy! :)

  2. This is not bad. Children need to know where to find porn, and the Adult Content warning is a sure indicator.

    1. I mean, in order to avoid it of course.

      Also: I'm totally not a robot

    2. Are you SURE you are not a robot? Because robots can look at all the porn they want to.

  3. Laughed out loud at the Drow comment, I love nipples, keep 'em coming.


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