Monday, November 21, 2016

Yahfi Bubbles

I'm planning to move the comic strip back to a more cartoony place stylistically, so I'm fiddling around with colors and lines and techniques.  Here is a stab at Yahfi.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Seems like it would be fine. Not sure how cartoony you mean in the end, though. Are her hands still going to have five fingers? By the way, I love how you draw hands, so I hope that they will. Four-finger hands are fine for some things, but not for this I think.

    1. Thanks for the input. I'm still narrowing down the look, so I'm not quite sure how cartoony exactly. I'm looking for a style that is quick and easy to draw, but doesn't look like South Park, and can be sexy and anatomically . . . expressive. :) Definitely five fingers. Pinkies are sexy.

      And thanks for your kind words about the hands. Half of the time I am convinced that the hands I draw look like those of coal miners. Not that coal miners don't have very sexy hands, I'm sure, but probably not sexy in the way I'd prefer. :)