Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Gloom Court: The House of Gellam Doron

(This is background for our Adventures in Middle-earth campaign, The Gloom Court.  Gellam Doran is the house where one of the Player-heroes is from.)

Head of the house is Russandol, a tall, thin Sindarin elf with a shining head of coppery-red hair.  His voice is lyrical, almost always laughing or ready to burst out into song.  He loves a good story, either read from book or told around a fire.

The ginger Sindar is a loremaster in the court of Thranduil, having served the Elfking's father Oropher since the birth of the Woodland Kingdom seven millennia before.  He learned his craft from Pengolodh, a loremaster of the Noldor during the First Age of the Sun.

Long has Russandol believed that mirth and good company are the true bane of the darkness that has turned Greenwood the Great into Mirkwood.  He refuses to live with his liege Thranduil underground, instead dwelling in a lofty home built in the eaves of a giant tree named Gellam Doron (the Jubilant Oak.)  There he surrounds himself with his adopted family, enjoying their company as the seasons pass.

Russandol is married to Elenwë, a healer of great renown.  Her golden hair sparkles like the sun even in low lighting, a reminder of the Noldorian grandmother that gazed upon the Trees of Valinor long ago.  Elenwë is a stern, if loving caregiver, running the house with an iron fist while repairing injured neighbors, healing sick animals, and growing an extensive garden.

It was Elenwë's idea to begin adopting children, some time after their own children were killed.  Wartime often left parentless, and sometimes even clanless, young elves who needed care.  Elenwë decided to take up the job.

Now, the House of Gellam Doron is made up of Russandol, Elenwë, their 23 children, including some of their wives, husbands, and children as well.  It is a busy, bustling, and loud place, emitting enough shouts, songs, and laughter to green the dark forest for miles around.

- Ark

(image links http://yoenai.deviantart.com/art/Red-Haired-Elf-Lord-189151886 & http://www.rakiah.fr/art-cluster/gallery/77)

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