Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Little Pellatarrum

A few weeks ago, I made a smart-ass comment to Erin Palette, that went something like this. "For my next trick, I will draw the My Little Pony invasion of Pellatarrum." Pellatarrum being, of course, her crazy-ass fantasy setting, and My Little Pony being - well, if you don't know - stop reading. This isn't for you.

I had no idea how hard drawing fan art is.  Well, I could have spit out pony stick figures, but no - if I was actually going to act on my half-baked remark, I should do it right.  Trying it really makes you respect professional cartoon artists.  The forms are so simplistic - but have to be so perfect - otherwise they don't look right.  There is something very zen about the art form.  Yes, and this is complete drawn from scratch - no tracing - and done in SHARPIE on paper, then sucked into Photoshop for a dye-job.

The Boy was horrified and refused to look at what I was drawing while I hummed the My Little Pony theme song.  Okay, that was just a side benefit for my inner sadist.  

Below is the MLP Invasion of Pellatarrum.  I do not give this to the OSR, like previous art.  I give it to Bronies worldwide.  Post it wherever.  Not that I own anything about it.  Hasbro owns it all.  Just like D&D.  You know the drill.

So anyway, enjoy!

- Ark

Click Rainbow Dash to embiggen.


  1. WIN.

    Massive, massive win. You may have all of my internets. :D

    Also, your Rainbow Dash is drawn really well!

    I am gonna link this so hard...

  2. And, twas on this day, December 12, 2011, that the final Great OSR Schism began:

    The Pony faction rose up to claim its due.

    Much maligned and misunderstood, they had relied on stealth to overcome the Pound Puppies, four-legged speed and brute force to subjugate the Shortcakers, all the while successfully plotting intrigues to set the Care and Gummi Bears at one another's fluffy little throats.

    Shortly after enslaving the entire population of Pellatarrum (and several dozen other worlds besides), they were rumoured to have entered into a absosmurfly smurfarrific struggle with the Smurfs across space and time, culminating with a cataclysmic battle upon the continent of Ansalon in Krynn, resulting in a factionalizing event that was refought by siblings every Saturday morning in front of the television, and upon the playgrounds of North America, every Monday lunch hour.

    25 years later, the struggle continues on the internets...

  3. And the adorable cavalry charge continues!

    Nicely done! Brohoof!

  4. Very nice work. What's next? Yogi the Bear and Friends in Gamma World?

    "Hey Booboo, let's go get that Black Ray Pistol!"

  5. @Erin - All your internets? Even the blueberry flavored ones?

    Oh, and FUS RO yay! is quite awesome!

    @bio - You know, back in the 80s, I aould have gladly had the Joes ally with the Cobras to conquer the Ponies. But now . . . Ponies just rule. They are even better than the Snorks!

    @BigFella - Brohoof, dude, brohoof!

    @Zanazaz - Tempting . . . oh so tempting . . .

    - Ark

  6. I want you to know that your awesome picture is now the banner for my Facebook page:

  7. @Erin - Wow! That's awesome. Did not know you could do that on Facebook.

    - Ark


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