Thursday, October 17, 2013

Limehouse Chinatown

Our upcoming GURPS noir horror game - The Directorate of Esoteric Affairs - will kick off in 1933 in London's old Chinatown.  The first installment will be 50 point characters, followed by 100 point characters two years later in 1935.  Then, the characters will move to 150 pointers in 1937, where we will progress at a more normal time/xp flow.  I'm trying to ease the characters into GURPS, and give them a tour of the possibilities.

London’s original Chinatown was located in the East End, in an area known as Limehouse near the River Thames.  Primarily inhabited by Chinese sailors and those who serviced them, records indicate that there were never more than several hundred inhabitants at any given time.  Despite that, legend populated Chinatown with an ocean of Yellow Peril, wall-to-wall opium dens, and the nefarious Dr. Fu Manchu - bent on world domination.  

My Limehouse Chinatown is a mix of both - a real neighborhood full of hard working immigrants - plus a dark underbelly of unknown terrors.  And heck, yeah, some Big Trouble in Little China too.  

But I'm ditching the whole Yellow Peril thing.  Besides, I'm sure the Directorate of Esoteric Affairs will have a lot more trouble on their hands, what with werewolf invasions, Aleister Crowley, and Cthullu's return to deal with. 

Below are some period images to help set the mood . . .

- Ark

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